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  • Complying with the current occupational health and safety and environment-related laws and regulations of the countries being worked,
  • Adopting continuous improvement and development as the basic principle in all activities,
  • Taking into account the expectations of all parties including the employers while applying Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental management systems
  • Ensuring waste separation at source and evaluation of them by paying attention to the recycling of wastes,
  • Preventing wastage in consumption of energy and natural resources,
  • Developing the projects which will minimally affect the natural environment adversely and ensure optimum use of natural resources during construction and operation stages and presenting them to the employers,
  • Preventing the occurrence of dangerous environments, which could cause accidents, and eliminating the current dangerous environment,
  • Being prepared for an emergency,
  • Ensuring the subcontractors to comply with the laws and the principles and the methods of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System of Demyol Construction.