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Demyol construction company maintains the works on executing its system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and continuous improvement.

  • Steering employer requests and complying with these requests at the maximum level,
  • Ensuring the establishment of communication robustly between employer and subcontractor by describing the communication channels,
  • Finishing and handing over the projects on time in accordance with the work program and the technical specifications,
  • Increasing the productivity and reducing the costs by keeping the damages at an optimum levels at the construction processes,
  • Using modern and applicable methods, technology, information and management systems required by the era, not refraining from necessary researches and investments for this purpose,
  • Complying with legal regulations and mandatory standards of the country worked,
  • Ensuring the employees to feel happy and proud of working at Demyol Construction company,
  • Making the improvement activities to be the natural behavior of the employees as a result of analysis and development of business processes,
  • Establishing and implementing control and monitoring systems without compromising from quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection criteria, while steering the subcontractors in order to improve them,
  • Contributing into increasing the PRESTIGE without harming that has been achieved for many years with successes obtained by acting with the sense of responsibility of being personnel of Demyol Construction in every step and every decision taken.